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Garage doors; those gigantic panels of steel or wood located at the opening of your garage are worth the effort you put into them. They keep your car safe, they keep that part of the entrance safe and you can rely on the durability of the garage door.

The mechanism behind the garage door works on two major things which is the springs and shaft that support the weight of the door while it is being lifted up, and the track on which the rollers attached to the paneling move. Winston Salem Garage

Door Service is well aware of the importance of springs regarding the operation of garage doors. We strive to provide you with a good service regarding replacement of springs, repair of springs and satisfy any queries that you have in your mind. Our customer service representatives are always keen to help. If you have a garage door with springs (which is obvious because it doesn’t work without springs) or you plan to install one, then Winston Salem Garage Door Service is the right place to call.

The spring on garage doors will break or los tension over time, even if they are supplied by Winston-Salem Garage Door Service. We do aim to provide you with the best quality springs, but like all machines, these too have a life and will eventually depreciate with use. Most springs have a life of fifteen thousand cycles, maximum. A cycle is completed when a door opens and closes. Call us when you need your springs replaced or if you simply have further questions about springs. Or, read on for more information regarding garage door springs.

Replacing the springs is not an easy task unless you are a very serious do-it-yourselfer. It is even dangerous! You need to have the right knowledge and the right tools to replace garage door springs. Even after you have done the job, you need to be precisely aware of the mechanics and place the springs with enough accuracy to avoid any kinds of accidents that might result as a consequence of a faulty or misplaced spring. So, what if We provide you the springs as well as replaces them for you? Firstly, that would save you from getting hold of new springs, winding bars and wrenches and

secondly; you will get an expert opinion regarding the kind of spring that would be most suitable for your garage door needs. That is the right job forus and our service is the right choice for you to make. 

At times, garage door springs, supplied by services such as Winston-Salem Garage Door Service, may not require replacement. They might simply require an adjustment. When to replace and when to adjust; that is an assessment for experts like those that we have here. Save yourself from the hefty tasks and relax while we make an assessment of the problem and then guide you on what is required.